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This project is under active development.

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HSMCPP is a C++ library providing an easy way (hopefully) to add hierarchical (HSM) or finite state machine (FSM) to your project. Main motivation behind making it was lack of suitable alternatives which do not involve large frameworks (often commercial). And even they couldn’t satisfy projects needs that I usually have to deal with. This is in no way a “silver bullet” library, but it might be useful for you when dealing with RTOS systems, multithreading or event driven applications.

It’s also applicable for single threaded and synchronous applications, but it might not be the most efficient option.

If you are not familiar with HSM/FSM and which problems they can solve in your code, I recommend reading:

Key Features



Documentation is available online.

HSM GUI Editors

Check out documentation to learn more about available editors.

Editing HSM in Qt Creator Editing HSM in scxmlgui


Read documentation for details on how to use debugger.

hsmdebugger demo


git clone https://github.com/igor-krechetov/hsmcpp.git
cd ./hsmcpp
cd ./build
make install

By default it will build all included components, tests and examples. You can disable any of them using cmake build flags. For example you probably will not have glib or glibmm libraries available on Windows so you might want to exclude them.

See detailed instructions in documentation.


  • For library:

    • C++11 or newer

    • glib (optional, for dispatcher)

    • glibmm (optional, for dispatcher)

    • Qt (optional, for dispatcher)

  • For build:

    • cmake 3.14+

    • Visual Studio 2015+ (for Windows build)

  • For code generator:

    • Python 3

  • For hsmdebugger:

    • Python 3

    • PyYaml (pip3 install PyYaml)